You can see the work at it's very very close to being done. And we'll be giving out Sir Walter's vouchers for people who contribute!

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This wiki provides an alternative handbook to the ones published on Murdoch University's website. Contained therein are honest appraisals, experiences and descriptions of units, courses and campus life at Murdoch University written by students. Learn the truth about what you'll be enrolling in before semester starts. Including your own experiences and views will only make this alternative handbook more comprehensive so please contribute.

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Groundrules Housekeeping ideas!

As anyone can edit this wiki, we all need to be responsible to take care of it. We want everyone to post their honest opinions of units but contributions that are not written in a constructive manner don't add anything of value and bring down this alternative handbook as a whole. This site can be a wonderful resource for students to make informed decisions about units they pick, provide helpful hints to those enrolled in units, help make wise textbook purchasing decisions and even stand as a source of valid feedback to improve units into the future. But it can only be all that if treated respectfully. Luckily it's a wiki so if you totally flip out and write a bunch of mean things in a drunken stupor you can just revert the changes afterwards.

That all said, we wont be hunting anyone down for adding something inappropriate, so don't be afraid to contribute. We'll just edit it out and ban you if it becomes a thing.

About a hundred or so pages have been made for first year units but not all of them have been categorised. All units should be put into the 'Unit' category as well as its corresponding school. We've been pretty consistent with the formatting of pages so far so let's try to keep it that way (copy paste is your friend.)

Spelling, grammar and punctuation goes without saying. We are university students after all.

If people want to start making entries on the various prescribed textbooks that'd be great! Talk about how much the textbook cost, where you can find it cheaper, was it worth buying? How much was it used? Lots of stuff. Maybe we could even give people help by highlighting the pages that contain the most valuable information!

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